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What We Do

SESCO Lighting, Inc. is the largest and most successful lighting manufacturers' representative company in the United States. We have been promoting and selling lighting products on behalf of manufacturers at the wholesale - not retail - level since 1967.

SESCO's clientele includes:

  • electrical contractors
  • electrical distributors
  • architects
  • landscape architects
  • electrical consulting engineers
  • lighting designers
  • interior designers
  • municipal and governmental agencies
  • developers
  • large building owners
  • service/manufacturing corporations

Representing more than 75 lighting manufacturers from around the world, SESCO is a world-leader in the commercial and industrial sale of lighting and lighting controls. Contact us today for help meeting your commercial and industrial lighting needs.

190 Good Reasons to do Business with SESCO!


Memberships & Partners

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Energy Star Partnership

Energy Star Partnership

SESCO - Since 1967

SESCO's Pledge to Our Customers

We pledge to treat you with fairness 100% of the time.
We pledge to respond to your needs in a timely manner 100% of the time.
We pledge to listen to your SESCO related problems and respond quickly and rationally with solution options 100% of the time.
We pledge to do what we say 100% of the time.

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