WELL Done: Stephanie Oakley earns WELL AP Accreditation

SESCO Lighting is happy to announce that Stephanie Oakley has earned her designation as WELL Accredited Professional.  As an intern architect and an advocate for prioritizing health, designing healthier buildings that help people thrive is a natural progression for Stephanie. Human-centric lighting for the benefit of an occupant’s circadian rhythms, physiology and psychology is a fundamental consideration for healthy spaces. Lighting design for commercial buildings in and around Nashville are the focus of Stephanie’s work. This additional accreditation adds to her ability to assist architects, lighting designers and engineers in constructing buildings that put people first.

Stephanie contributed, “WELL AP, to me, is a means of addressing the built environment with regards to the health of its inhabitants and the health of the natural environment it impacts. It means taking responsibility for development while caring for the life that lives around it. It’s a huge stride toward a healthier world, which means a great deal to me.”


The WELL Building has over a hundred features divided into the following seven concepts: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. As a WELL AP you can show the world that you understand what it takes to design, build, and operate healthy buildings.  Because we spend about 90% of our time indoors, this movement will be key not only in creating healthier happier occupants, but more productive folks as well! The WELL Building Standard is poised to one day be as popular and widely recognized as LEED, so WAY TO GO Stephanie Oakley for being an early adopter and trend-setter!