Welcome Our Two New Manufacturer Lines!

SESCO is excited to welcome two new outstanding manufacturers to our linecards throughout our footprint!

Lifted | “Over the past two years, we’ve been experimenting and pushing the boundaries of LED grow lights, building on existing technology to increase yields and give growers more power and more flexibility through tools that, up till now, were simply not available. In the end, yield is what a grower is after, but not at any price. Before LEDs, yield required sacrifices such as use of inefficient lamps, high energy costs, and frequent maintenance. In other words, a lot of waste. While LEDs have largely addressed those issues, we felt the technology could be pushed further to create even greater yield. So, we made it happen.”

SolarOne | “SolarOne was founded in 2004 and initially explored several environmental technologies.  Over time, the company focused its efforts on off-grid lighting solutions enabled by decreasing costs of both PV modules and LED lighting.  Today, SolarOne’s off-grid lighting solutions reduce customers’ environmental footprint while saving them money, shortening project times and providing additional flexibility in the layout of their projects. Their solar LED lighting solutions combine its proprietary SO-Bright® technology, which includes solar-generated power and energy management technology, with highly efficient LED lamps.”