Staying Sharp: Sea Turtle Lighting Workshop

Taking care of our planet and all that’s on it is one of our top priorities – we live here, after all! How can lighting do that, you may wonder? Well one of our dearest causes (being Florida-based) has been increasing education around sea turtle-friendly lighting. That’s where our resident turtle lighting expert, Kristi Spohn, NAILD LS I out of SESCO Pensacola, comes in. Kristi partnered with some of our favorite coastal-conscious organizations to host two workshops this month, where attendees learned about the issues with non-turtle-friendly lighting and what they can source instead to help out. Susan Holbrook, a biologist from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, also spoke, offering even more insight into the problems and their turtle-friendly solutions to our 100+ total attendees. Saving the world one light at a time – that’s the way to KSA, SESCO Pensacola!