SESCO is the nation’s largest and most successful lighting manufacturer’s representative company, with more than 270 employees and annual sales approaching $300 million. Our employees own 100% of the company’s stock through an ESOP, proving that our commitment to our relationships starts internally. We’re looking to the future with a hearty dedication to sustainable lighting and an ever-present focus on customer relationships. Growth and innovation are motivated by trust in the principles set forth when we were founded. So when we shine, we don’t just shine with ambition, dedication, and passion — we shine with purpose.

Our Guarantee - If there is a problem with a SESCO product that you specified or we supplied, we will fix it... period!

Market Coverage

Availability is the name of the game. If there isn’t already a SESCO location near you, there’s an employee ready to pick up the phone and come to you faster than you can say “specification.”

CALCS Division

Precision is the hallmark of the world’s greatest athletes, pilots, scientists, and of course, the world’s greatest lighting company. Our dedicated CALCS division works to provide precise photometric calculations for all our projects.


Our different divisions work together to support each other like a well-oiled machine to provide holistic solutions for each and every project. And since many of them work with machines, those get well-oiled too.


Y’know how food always tastes better when you make it yourself? That’s the idea behind our ESOP. We all work harder, because we all own a piece of our legacy. We’re in this together.

Our Story

In 1967, Mike Segal founded SESCO; he was joined shortly thereafter by Murray Graham, as an equal partner. People often think lighting products were central to our business from the beginning, but it wasn’t until 1973 that SESCO began representing lighting manufacturers. Something else centered in the ethos of our company enabled our evolution— a focus on relationships.

This focus set us on a path to growth that has not slowed to this day. In 1998, SESCO completed the acquisition of Lighting Sales and Design, a Georgia based lighting manufacturer’s representative company. In 1999, we expanded globally, with our first office in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Today, SESCO is the largest lighting manufacturer’s representative company in the nation,
perhaps the world.

Membership & Partners