Due to our high standard for service, we don’t come across many problems. But when they arise, they don’t get forwarded to a customer service center full of bureaucratic apathy. They get handled. Right then, right there. It’s not about meeting quotas. Pride doesn’t come from selling a lot of products. It comes from sticking to our word. Delivering on our promises. Honoring the customer relationship.

We didn’t become one of the nation’s largest lighting manufacturer reps without working hard. Working smart. And working, working, working to exceed expectations. That’s what puts food on the table. That’s what builds a legacy. That’s what makes us phenomenal. Are you up for it?


Our demand for excellence comes from within.
Our employees are dedicated members of the SESCO family, in more ways than one. 100% of the company’s stock is employee-owned, distributed to them through an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

Luminary U

Providing our employees with the tools to grow and succeed.
Founded in the fall of 2010, SESCO Lighting’s full-time training facility is a unique educational institution designed specifically to provide SESCO employees with the tools they need to outshine their competition in the lighting industry.

From hands-on training to a lecture series from one of our professionally trained staff, Luminary U ensures employees are aware of the latest sales tactics, effective customer service protocols, and essential management skills.