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SESCO Lighting, Inc. has participated in hundreds of successful turtle lighting projects and is the exclusive regional representative for many of today’s leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures which have been approved (or will readily be approved) by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC). These manufacturers include:

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Manufacturer Product Information
Beghelli Turtle LED Brochure
Illumina Turtle LED Spec Sheet
Color Kinetics
FlexAray Quartz Amber LED Tape Light
Liton Turtle-Safe Downlight
Millerbend S.S. Turtle Wall Sconce
S.S. Turtle Bollard
Visionaire Lighting VLX LED
Cross Bow LED

An outstanding example of our expertise in and success with turtle lighting projects is the newly revitalized Collins Park in Miami Beach, Florida. Due to the park’s proximity to the ocean, when the City of Miami Beach’s Capital Improvements Project Office (MBCIPO) commissioned the park’s complete renovation, it was required by the FFWCC to ensure that any and all lighting purchased for the project was turtle-safe. SESCO worked diligently with and for the MBCIPO to satisfy its exacting lighting requirements, and ultimately provided the office with over 135 new parking and pedestrian lighting fixtures for beautiful Collins Park that not only meet all of the codes for turtle-safe lighting, but (as can be seen in the photo below) look amazing, too.

An aerial view of the recently renovated Collins Park in Miami Beach at night. All of the new, turtle-safe lighting in the park was provided by SESCO. Architect: MC Harry & Associates. Engineer: SDM Consulting Engineers.

When you are involved in a project which may require FFWCC approval, you will undoubtedly need the professional help and guidance of a company like SESCO to help make the project a reality. Since we always go above and beyond to serve our clients, with SESCO on your side— no matter how intricate or challenging your project may be—we will not only make your project a reality…we will make it a success!

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