About SESCO Lighting

Some manufacturers choose not to employ their own sales force. Instead they contract exclusively, in certain geographic areas, with reps who are paid a commission when they are successful in selling the manufacturer's product. A manufacturers' rep may represent many companies, usually does limited invoicing and carries little or no accounts receivable. The use of manufacturers' reps in the lighting industry is the norm rather than the exception.

Where it all Started
In 1967, Mike Segal and Murray Graham relocated to Orlando and Tampa, Florida, to start SESCO.
The business underwent a transformation in 1973 that would shape the company into the great success that it is today - an important lighting manufacturer invited SESCO to represent them in the state of Florida.
Shortly thereafter SESCO became a primary source of lighting for a major theme park in Orlando. SESCO's success in the lighting industry prompted the company to focus on it's new found strength.
In 1998, SESCO completed the acquisition of Lighting Sales and Design, a Georgia based lighting manufacturers' representative company. This merger helped to improve SESCO's capabilities and provided an additional office in Atlanta.
An office was opened in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1999 and an international sales operation, SESCO Global Lighting, was begun.

Today, SESCO is the nation's largest and most successful lighting manufacturers' representative company, with more than 200 employees and annual sales approaching $300 million. SESCO has the exclusive rights to sell a multitude of lighting product lines in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Puerto Rico and many other countries and our employees own 100% of the company's stock, which is distributed to them through an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).