SESCO Global Lighting

Thank you for your interest in our company. We would like to familiarize you with our operation and how we may be of assistance.

Sesco Global Lighting is a lighting sales company representing manufacturers of quality commercial, industrial and decorative lighting. As such, SESCO acts as an agent for the sale and export of lighting products to distributors and other clients located outside of the United States.

Working as an extension of SESCO Lighting, Inc., a lighting representative agency with 13 offices in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee and almost 50 years' experience, SESCO calls on architects, consulting engineers, specifiers, electrical distributors and end-users worldwide. We are continuously establishing a network of local distributors and representatives to service customers within the various countries.

SESCO is committed to supplying quality products, timely delivery and exceptional service, including but not limited to:

  • Photometric calculations and printouts on exterior and interior lighting
  • Custom products and designs
  • Design assistance
  • Quotations to meet any budgetary requirements
  • Post-sale service
  • Logistics involving transportation and credit

SESCO sells more than $300MM worth of lighting products annually. Many prestigious projects outside of the North American Continent have been supplied by SESCO. A few of these are:

  • Marriott/Hilton – Lima, Peru
  • Marriott – Santiago, Chile
  • Marriott – Quito, Ecuador
  • Cimaco Retail Stores – Mexico
  • Banco Continental - Panama
  • Temple de Santa Domingo – Dominican Republic
  • Citibank Headquarters – Brazil
  • El Yunque National Forest Visitors’ Center – Puerto Rico
  • Atlantis I and II – Bahamas
  • Bayside Office Complex – Bahamas
  • Swiss Bank – Caymans
  • The Gyst Building – Caymans
  • Howard AFB – Panama
  • DKNY Stores – St. Barthelemy

The most important factor in the success of SESCO has been, and remains, its people. All are selected and trained to know product, product application, and how to best serve the customer. We do not sell orders, we sell customers. And one customer is far more important than any order. The future of SESCO is dependent on the way we take care of our customers today.

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