Energy Division

By entrusting your conservation efforts to our energy division, you will benefit from an energy proposal which will include the best products selected from the most credible manufacturers in the industry.

You will also receive a comprehensive analysis of your lighting requirements and a detailed payback analysis. And we won't just show you one design option; you'll have several to choose from including advanced lighting control options to maximize your return on investment.

We'll help you with local, state, government and utility rebates and offer a competitive third-party financing if you desire. Our goal is to seek out any opportunities in the conservation of lighting energy, so no matter the scope of work, we can accomplish the task and meet your requirements.

In 2007, SESCO was the first lighting rep company in the country to recognize the need for a dedicated Energy Division, and today we remain the industry leader.

Environmental Mission Statement

As the leading manufacturers' representative in the lighting industry, we will work diligently to arouse, motivate and educate as many people as possible - within our company and outside - inviting all to join us in a meaningful and significant effort to renew our environment and sustain our planet.

Recently we released a remarkable piece of literature which is now available for your viewing online. Click on "Energy Brochure" and read our “Creating Sustainable Progressive Energy Investments For Your Business” which fully describes what SESCO is doing to help sustain our environment, battle climate change and conserve energy. We urge you to share this information with your co-workers, family and friends.

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Mike Siner
Energy Division Manager
(407) 629-6100
Donnie Kincaid
(904) 238-0212

Taylor Roach
(615) 804-1697

Wanda Adams
(404) 386-5046

What We Do

As the construction community moves forward in their GREEN efforts, SESCO's team of professionals, led by Division Manager Mike Siner, are prepared to provide:

• State of the art energy audits... GRATIS. (Click for example)

• Accurate and timely photometric layouts and information...GRATIS. (Click for example)

• Expert guidance regarding LEED requirements and the certification process from six LEED APs and one LEED commissioining AP (CBCP).

• Educational seminars by continuing education providers who are also PEs, LEED APs and LC (Lighting Certified), including:
  Innovations in Solid State Lighting (LED)
  LEED Looks at Lighting (LEED NC)
  Florida, Georgia and Tennessee Energy Codes
  Sustainable Lighting Design for Exterior Applications
  Building Commisioning for LEED
  (see more...)

• A Professional Sales Force with in-depth knowledge of lighting as it relates to energy.

• Quality Products offering cutting edge sources and technologies.


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