Luminary U

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Meet the Luminary U team

Mike Segal
Founder and Director of Training
Amanda Cutter
Director of Marketing

Founded in the fall of 2010, SESCO Lighting's full-time training facility - Luminary U - is a unique educational institution designed specifically to provide SESCO employees (and other interested lighting professionals) with the tools they need to outshine their competition in the lighting industry.

As SESCO's training branch, Luminary U is responsible for delivering all of our workforce with everything from hands-on training programs to manuals and lecture series so that SESCO employees are aware of the latest products and sales methods; effective customer service protocols; essential management skills; and just about anything else that they can use to enhance their field performance.

Simply put, at Luminary U, we teach our workforce what it takes to win!

The Luminary U SESCO School of Lighting Mission

To educate and train all SESCO employees - from the administrative to the executive levels - on everything they need to know, particularly regarding management and sales, in order to improve employee, and ultimately company, performance without ever losing focus on our customers' or employees' satisfaction.

The Luminary U SESCO School of Lighting Objective

For SESCO's Luminary U training to significantly enhance our employee and company performance to the point that we are irrevocably distinguished from our competitors in the eyes of our business associates, clients, and customers so that SESCO is increasingly profitable and a permanent leader in the lighting industry.