Distributor Solutions

SESCO’s Distributor Solutions Group is composed of several talented and knowledgeable people whose primary function is to help electrical distributors determine which products offer the greatest opportunity for additional sales and profit…and customer satisfaction. They are charged with being in the distributor’s place of business on a regular schedule and to develop personal business relationships with everyone from the truck drivers to the manager. Many years ago we shouted from the rooftops and repeat it now for the record: W.M.I. EASY F.Y.T.D.B.W.U. We also think it important that distributors know our unique guarantee: If you have a problem with a SESCO product that you specified or we supplied, we will fix it… period!

SESCO Distributor Solutions Group Objectives

  • To create closer business relationships with electrical distributors
  • To effectively compete against Acuity, Cooper and Hubbell for distributor stock and discretionary business
  • To improve SESCO’s sales and profitability

Meet the Distributor Solutions Group

Dan Smith
Orlando, Florida

(407) 629-6100

Kevin Drawdy
Project Manager II
Orlando, Florida

(407) 629-6100

Teri Cruz
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

(954) 474-9888

Melissa Perez
Inside Sales Support I
Orlando, Florida

(407) 629-6100

Dave Vonderhaar
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

(954) 826-4702

Eddie Frorup
Inside Sales Support II
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

(954) 474-9888

Jeff Kostrewa
Tampa, Florida

(813) 289-1600

Kaley Fannin
Nashville, Tennessee

(615) 383-2030

Billy Epperson
Jacksonville, Florida

(407) 252-0402

Kent Gainey

Gary Thompson
Orlando, Florida

Ron Kwiecinski
Pensacola, Florida

(850) 727-3768

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